Once upon a time there was a village situated in the middle of an enchanting valley. The village was a picturesque one, full of lush green gardens, trees of various kinds and numerous streams running across the valley. The people here were content and happy, as they were blessed with abundant flora and fauna, a calm climate and a lively culture.

Among them was a boy named Jack. He was a mischievous and curious boy who was always up to something. One day, he was walking around the village and he stumbled upon a dump nearby. He was curious as to what kind of treasures he might find in the dump so he went inside without any fear.

He started rummaging through the trash, scavenging for anything of value, when suddenly he heard the sound of whimpering coming from the corner of the dump. He went closer to investigate and he found a little puppy, curled up in the corner, shivering and crying. Jack was heartbroken to see the poor creature in such a sorry state, so he took the puppy home with him and vowed to take care of it.

Jack’s family was not too pleased when they saw him bring the puppy into their home, as they could not afford to take care of another mouth to feed. But Jack was relentless and finally his parents agreed to let him keep the dog if he cared for it on his own.

Jack took the dog to the vet and got it checked up and he started feeding the little one the best food he could afford. As time passed, the puppy became healthier and Jack started to love it, like it was his own. The puppy, rightfully named Dumpishly, started to be his best friend, always accompanying him on his adventures.

Dumpishly and Jack were inseparable, until one day when Jack’s parents asked him to get rid of the pup. They could no longer bear the burden of looking after another creature, and they asked Jack to find a good home for Dumpishly.

Jack was heartbroken. He could not bear the thought of having to say goodbye to his furry friend. But he also knew that his parents were right, and that it was better for Dumpishly to be in a home where he could be taken care of properly. So, he put up posters all around the village, asking people to take care of the pup and giving details about his background.

A few days later, a kind family came forward to give Dumpishly a home. Jack was overjoyed to see his puppy going to a home where he would be taken good care of.

He hugged the pup goodbye and gave him a few final instructions – to always remain true to himself and to never forget the friendship they shared. Tears rolled down Jack’s cheeks as he watched Dumpishly walk away with his new family.

Moral: It is important to be compassionate towards all those in need, regardless of the difficulties. With kindness and friendship, we can make a difference even to those who seem to be beyond hope.

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