Once upon a time, in a small Greek town, there lived a young girl called Dryope. Dryope was a bright and intelligent girl, who was curious about the world around her and loved exploring the land as she ventured away from town.

One day, Dryope spotted a large, black olive tree by the side of a road. She was so enchanted with its beauty that she had to go and take a closer look. As she approached the tree, she soon realised something was different about this particular tree. The leaves were a strange yellow colour – not the usual healthy green – and it seemed to be wilting and dying in the midday sun.

Dryope was filled with sadness and pity at the sight of this once beautiful tree, so she decided to take care of it and give it some attention. She watered and nourished the tree, adding soil and compost to the soil around it.

Every day, she would walk to the tree and sit by it, brushing away dead leaves and chatting with the tree. She would tell it stories and sing songs, anything to try and help it grow and regain its health.

Gradually, the tree’s leaves began to look brighter and some new leaves even appeared. Dryope kept up her daily visits and, before long, the tree’s branches were full of young blooms, its trunk strong and healthy.

Everyone in the town was amazed at Dryope’s dedication, and it seemed her hard work had paid off.

Little did Dryope know, she had been observed throughout her work on the tree by a strange figure. It was only when the tree had regained its full health that the figure revealed themselves to be a god. It had been their olive tree, and Dryope had done a great job taking care of it.

The god rewarded Dryope with a wish, and she asked to be able to keep the olive tree forever, so it would remain healthy and alive. The god granted her wish, and Dryope was delighted.

The moral of the story is that with hard work and dedication, great things can be achieved. Dryope set an example of how, with care and commitment, anyone can make a difference, no matter how small they may be.

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