Once upon a time, there lived a ten-year-old boy named Dray. He was an adventurous and curious child, always looking for something new to learn and explore.

One day, when Dray was out playing in his backyard, he heard something unusual and stopped to investigate. When he looked around, he saw a small creature peeking out from under a pile of leaves.

When Dray approached it, the creature darted away and he chased it around the yard until it finally stopped near a tree. When Dray got closer, he saw that the creature was a baby rabbit.

He was so excited to have found a new friend, and he immediately scooped it up and ran inside the house to show his mom. His mom was surprised and told him that he needed to take care of the rabbit, so she helped him set up a cozy little home for it in the corner of his bedroom.

Dray named the rabbit “Bun-Bun” and each day, he would take it outside to explore the world. Together they would find all kinds of different plants, bugs and hidden treasures. Once, they even found a rainbow, which was the most beautiful thing that Dray had ever seen.

Though Bun-Bun was a wild rabbit, it had grown very attached to Dray, and the two were rarely ever apart for long. They were so connected that it seemed like they could communicate with one another without saying a word.

One day, Bun-Bun started to wander away from Dray and, try as he might, he couldn’t keep up with it. Frustrated and worried, Dray ran home and relayed the story to his mom.

His mom understood how hard it must have been to let Bun-Bun go, but she also knew that Bun-Bun belonged in the wild. She explained to Dray that Bun-Bun had grown up and was ready to leave and find its own home.

Though Dray was sad, he accepted the fact that Bun-Bun had to go. He understood that some things in life are beyond our control, and we must learn to appreciate them while they still last.

The moral of this story is that life is full of moments that we must cherish while they last. No matter how much we may want them to last forever, all good things must eventually come to an end. We must learn to accept this and appreciate the memories that we make along the way.

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