Once upon a time, there lived a woman named Dotage in a town by the river. She was an elderly lady, but despite her age, she was still very active and vibrant. She was always the first one to volunteer when her neighbors needed help or assistance.

Dotage was often seen walking around town with her walking stick, tending to her garden and chatting with the local children. She was well-respected in the community and was always seen with a cheerful smile on her face.

One day, Dotage was walking in the woods near her house when she heard a peculiar noise coming from a nearby bush. Intrigued, she went over to investigate. To her surprise, she found a small, injured bird nestled in the bush. She immediately took the bird in her hands and examined it to assess the extent of its injury. Fortunately, the bird was just stunned and had only a minor scrape on its wing.

Dotage took the bird home and carefully nursed it back to health all day. After a few days of tender care and attention, the bird soon recovered and flew away.

The next day, Dotage was walking around town, when she heard exactly the same noise coming from another bush. She immediately recognized it as the same bird from the previous day. She was curious to know why the bird was here again so, she went to investigate.

This time, in the bush, Dotage found two birds. One of them was dead and the other one was struggling to stay alive. Dotage was saddened to see the birds in this condition and she quickly took them both in her hands, trying her best to save them despite their weakened state.

Surprisingly, after a few more days of careful nursing and patience, both birds recovered and flew away together. Seeing the birds so happy, Dotage realized that they must have been a pair of lovers.

Dotage was overwhelmed with joy and love at their reunion. She had seen first hand that even in the darkest days, love and care could prevail. The birds showed her that age was not a barrier to being of help to those in need.

Moral: Age is no barrier to performing good deeds or helping those in need. The power of love and care is strong enough to over come any obstacle.

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