Once upon a time, there lived a poor family in a small village. The family had a young son, whose name was Donat. Donat was a kind and curious boy and loved to explore the world outside his village.

One day, Donat decided to go and explore the nearby forest. As he wandered through the forest, he came across a strange plant with a peculiar shape. He bent down to have a closer look and soon realized that it was a donatistic plant.

The donatistic plant was unlike any other plant he had seen before. It had a round, red fruit growing on the top that looked like a donut. Donat was intrigued by the plant and decided to pick the fruit.

When he bit into the fruit, he found that it was sweet and juicy. It was unlike anything he had ever tasted before. He couldn’t help but to take a few more bites until he had finished the whole fruit.

But after a few minutes, he started to feel strange. His mouth began to tingle and his stomach started to churn. He quickly realized he was feeling dizzy and it was getting worse by the second.

He quickly ran home and told his parents what had happened. His parents were worried and immediately went to the village doctor to get help. After examining Donat, the doctor realized that he had been poisoned by the donatistic plant.

He carefully explained to Donat’s parents that donatistic plants are extremely poisonous. He warned them that if Donat had eaten too much, he could have died.

Donat’s parents were very grateful to the doctor for his help. From then on, they made sure to keep Donat away from donatistic plants.

Donat was also glad to be safe and learn this valuable lesson. He started to understand the power of both knowledge and caution.

The moral of the story is that curiosity is a great thing, but it should never override caution. Knowing the facts and being careful can save you from dangerous situations.

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