Once upon a time, there lived a mom and her son, Tommy. Tommy was only nine years old, but he was very curious and smarter than other kids. He was very eager to learn new things every day.

One day, Tommy’s mom suggested that he could start to spread knowledge to other kids in the neighborhood. Tommy was very excited about this idea and agreed to do it. He started to tell others about the things he already knew and also shared his new learnings with them.

He started to visit different parks in the neighborhood and started talking about interesting topics which he had learnt from books, internet, and experiments. He talked about science, history, mathematics, and arts. Tommy also started to teach basic knowledge about hobbies like drawing and dancing, or even how to play different sports.

Tommy’s curious nature and enthusiasm made him popular among kids and even adults in the neighborhood. His mom was very proud of him, and she started to help him in his cause by providing books and other materials needed to spread knowledge.

As the time flew by, more and more kids, teens and adults started to gather in the parks to listen to Tommy’s talks. He was really impressed by the fact that people found his talks so useful, and each day he kept learning and exploring new topics to talk about.

The grown-ups in the neighborhood were also very pleased as they could observe that many children and teens had started to become more curious, ask questions and even started to learn basic musical instruments or other hobbies.

With each passing day, the number of people attending Tommy’s talks kept on increasing and soon enough, even the grown-ups started to take part in his talks. His talks become almost like a weekly gathering of the neighborhood.

This was all possible only due to Tommy’s effort of divulging knowledge to everyone around him. He didn’t just stop at sharing what he knew, but also encouraged everyone in the park to ask questions and even contribute to the conversations and debates.

One day, Tommy’s mom asked him what was the reason behind his success and the popularity he had achieved among people in the neighborhood. He smiled and said, “Divulging knowledge and teaching others what I know is the most fulfilling thing I can do. I feel this gives me greater satisfaction than learning and exploring new topics. That’s why I keep on doing what I’m doing.”

Moral: We should never stop learning and exploring, but it is equally important to share our knowledge with others, as it not only helps us gain more knowledge but also encourages others to learn and grow with us.

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