Once upon a time there lived a young boy, Toto, who was an orphan living in the small coastal town of Port Au Prince. He was a very smart and hardworking child, and his dream was to one day become a famous lawyer. He was inspired by his late father, who was also a lawyer, and had high hopes of one day achieving his goals.

One day, while he was walking down the streets of Port Au Prince, he saw a man that had just lost a case in court. He was so angry and frustrated that he had just been told he had to pay a huge sum of money to the other party, that he was yelling and screaming and angrily slamming his fists against the walls.

Toto approached the man and asked him why he was so upset. The man told Toto that he had been fighting a case for years and had just lost it to a powerful law firm and that he was now facing a huge financial burden. He said that he had been advised to take the case to the highest court in the country but that he had decided to forgo it as he had little money left to fight the case.

This story of the man’s injustice moved Toto. He felt that the man’s story was very unfair and he wanted to do something to help. So, he decided to go to the highest court in the country and file a case against the law firm that had won against the man.

When Toto reached the court, the judge was surprised to see a young boy step up to the bar to lodge a case. However, after hearing his story, the judge decided to listen to him and hear his side of the argument.

Toto argued that the law firm had acted unjustly and that its actions had led to a colossal loss of money to the honest and hardworking man. After hearing Toto’s arguments, the judge agreed and overturned the case in favor of the man.

The man was so thankful to Toto for standing up for him that he offered to be Toto’s legal mentor. He said that he could teach him everything he needed to know about the law and that he would help him to be the lawyer he had always dreamed of becoming.

The moral of the story is that sometimes it is important to stand up for those who have been wronged and to fight for justice. It is important to remember that in the face of injustice, we must always stand up and fight for what is right, even if there may be no chance of winning. Never be afraid to disavow what is wrong and stand up for what is right. Strength comes from standing up for what is just and fair.

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