Once upon a time, there was a little girl called Didymitis. She lived with her family in a small village in the country. Didymitis was a cheerful and happy girl who was loved by everyone in the village.

One day, Diddymitis was playing with her friends in the village square when suddenly a strange woman came up to her. She was wearing a large cloak and a wide-brimmed hat so none of the other children could see her face.

The woman held out her hand to Diddymitis and gave her a strange looking stone with a bright red sparkle. She said to Diddymitis, “This stone is very special and has many powers. Whoever holds it will be granted great fortune and happiness.”

Diddymitis was so excited by this gift that she decided to keep it with her at all times. She put it in her pocket and would take it out often to admire it and show it to her friends.

One day, Diddymitis was walking through the forest with her friends when they noticed a strange noise coming from the other side of the woods. As they got closer to the noise, they were amazed to see a beautiful unicorn. The unicorn was so majestic and majestic that all the children were in awe.

The unicorn then spoke to the children and said, “This magical stone that Diddymitis holds is keeping me here, trapped in this forest. If it is returned to me, I will be free again.”

Diddymitis realized that the magical stone had come from the strange woman, and that she was the one trapping the unicorn in this forest. She decided to return the stone to the woman in exchange for the unicorn’s freedom.

The next day, Diddymitis went into the forest and returned the stone to the woman. The woman was pleased and gave the stone back to Diddymitis with a new gift. It was the horn of the unicorn, which the woman said she would need to protect her and her friends.

Diddymitis and her friends returned to the unicorn and said goodbye as it flew away back to its home. Diddymitis was so happy that she and her friends had been able to help the unicorn and she was glad that she had followed the woman’s advice.

The moral of this story is that it is often more important to do what is right rather than what is easy. Even though it was hard for Diddymitis to give up the magical stone, she did the right thing and ended up being rewarded in the end.

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