A long time ago, in a small village nestled in the mountains, there lived a young girl named Sita. Sita was a kind and caring girl who loved spending her days helping others in her community. She would assist her neighbors with their daily chores, fetched water from the river, and took care of the animals too.

One day, an old woman, who lived in a small hut outside the village, came to Sita, seeking her help. She told Sita that she had fallen sick and had no one to take care of her. Despite her busy schedule, Sita felt compelled to help the old woman since she had no one else to turn to. So she visited the old woman’s place daily, cooked her meals, and did everything she could to make her feel better.

Sita was busy with her work every day, but she never forgot her promise to take care of the old woman. She spent hours ensuring that the old woman was comfortable and had everything she needed. Sita’s family was worried about her since she spent all her time taking care of the old woman, but Sita was unmoved. She believed that she was doing the right thing and that the old woman needed her help.

As time went by, the old woman’s health began to improve. She was grateful to Sita for her kind-heartedness and devotion. Soon, the old woman and Sita became good friends, and the woman would share her life stories with Sita. She would tell her tales from her youth, her struggles, and experiences, which inspired Sita to do even more to help her.

One day, Sita fell sick with a high fever. Her family and friends begged her to rest and take time off for herself. But Sita was focused on taking care of the old woman, and she refused to rest. She continued to visit the old woman despite her family’s advice and her deteriorating health.

However, as her condition worsened, Sita could no longer continue her work, and she had to be hospitalized. The old woman was devastated to hear about Sita’s condition and came to the hospital every day to check on her friend. She prayed for Sita’s speedy recovery, and her prayers were soon answered.

After recovering from her illness, Sita realized the value of taking care of oneself. She understood that although helping others is a noble cause, it’s equally important to ensure our own well-being. She hugged the old lady and thanked her for all the love, care and story-telling. The old lady reciprocated, “Do not forget, Sita, to love and care for yourself to be able to care for others.”

From that day, Sita promised herself that she would take better care of herself, and that would start with rest, proper nutrition, and exercise. She began to value her own needs, without compromising her dedication to helping others. She continued to visit the old woman and care for her, but she would also take time to rest and take care of her own health to avoid a similar experience.

The moral of this story is that while helping others is important, it’s equally important to take care of oneself. Being devoted to a cause or person is a noble deed, but we must not forget to care for ourselves too. We have to maintain a balance of our devotion to others and our own responsibilities.

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