Once upon a time, there was a boy named Dervishlike. Dervishlike was a very shy and introverted boy. He would spend long hours in his room, playing in the dirt and singing to himself. He had no friends and rarely talked to anyone.

One day, Dervishlike stumbled upon a group of wandering dervishes in the woods. The dervishes were dressed in bright and colorful robes, playing music and dancing in circles. They invited Dervishlike to join them, and he hesitantly accepted.

For the first few days of his travels with the dervishes, Dervishlike was fascinated by their way of life. They taught him to play the saz, a traditional stringed instrument, and soon he was playing in their band. He also learned the art of whirling, which is a mystical form of meditation and movement.

As the days went on, Dervishlike felt his shyness dissipating. He became more confident and outgoing. He made friends with the dervishes, laughed with them, and enjoyed every minute of it.

But then one day Dervishlike began to feel sad. He realized that he could not stay with the dervishes forever. He would have to leave them eventually and go back to his life before. This made him anxious and afraid.

He started to lose his enthusiasm and his playful spirit. He was no longer excited to wake up each day and explore the world with the dervishes. He was so afraid of leaving that he was unable to enjoy the present.

One evening, during a whirling session, an older dervish noticed his distress and sat down beside him. He said, “Do not fear the future. Enjoy every moment of life.”

At first, Dervishlike was hesitant to accept these words. But eventually he realized that the dervish was right. He began to once again appreciate the small moments and embrace each day with joy and passion.

He thanked the older dervish for his words of wisdom, and by the time it was time for Dervishlike to part ways with the dervishes, he was no longer afraid. He was ready for what life had to offer.

Moral of the story: Embrace every moment of life and don’t be afraid of the future.

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