Once upon a time, there lived a young boy called Depone in a small village near the Bay. He was quite an adventurous young lad and loved exploring the bay and its surrounding areas. One day, he decided to take a long walk along the coast. It was an exciting journey, but as he was walking along, he stumbled over some smooth stones that had been shaped by the waters of the bay. He was intrigued and decided to collect some of them to take home.

As Depone continued along the coast, he noticed a thick stone wall built along the cliff-edge. He approached it and found that it was quite old and covered by moss and lichen. He ventured closer and realised that it was a fort. With curiosity, he climbed up the wall and looked inside. Inside he found two sets of armours finely crafted with intricate patterns and designs. Depone thought that they must have belonged to two of the warriors who used to live at the fort many years ago. He was so impressed by the craftsmanship of the armours and decided to take one of the sets with him.

Depone was so proud of his discovery and was determined to show it off to his family and friends back home. He went back to his village and proudly showed off his armour with great enthusiasm. Unbeknownst to Depone, the armour was said to be cursed and the villagers were deeply worried. They knew that if Depone were to keep the armour, he would bring misfortune to the whole village.

After a long discussion, the villagers decided that the only way to end the curse was for Depone to return the armour to its rightful place. After much deliberation, Depone reluctantly agreed. He took the armour back to the fort and replaced it in the exact position from where he had taken it. As he did so, the villagers noticed a strange change in Depone’s character. He was much more respectful and cautious. He felt a deep sense of satisfaction for doing the right thing.

Moral of the Story:

This story teaches us that it is important to return things to their rightful owners. We must always strive to do the right thing, even if it may be difficult. When we do the right thing, we not only avoid bringing harm to others but also gain a sense of inner peace and satisfaction.

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