Once upon a time, there lived a young boy named Tyler. He was a very hardworking and responsible kid who loved learning new things. He was always the first one to complete his homework and school projects.

One day, Tyler’s teacher gave the whole class a deliverable. The deliverable was to come up with a unique invention to save the world from a certain problem. Tyler was very excited about the task and he worked hard for days trying to come up with the perfect invention.

He thought of many different ideas but none of them seemed to work. His parents encouraged him and gave him ideas but nothing seemed to click in his head. He was getting frustrated and worried that he wouldn’t be able to complete the deliverable in time.

One day, Tyler was walking in the park and he saw a caterpillar struggling to make its way up a tree. He observed that the caterpillar was struggling and he wanted to help it. He decided to build a ladder so that the caterpillar could reach the top of the tree.

Tyler worked hard and in no time, he had built a ladder. He placed it against the tree and the caterpillar started climbing up. When it reached the top, it thanked Tyler and flew away.

Tyler realized that he had solved a problem with the help of his invention and he immediately started working on his deliverable. He had the idea to make a device that could help people climb tall buildings, trees or even mountains.

He worked really hard and in no time, he had built his invention. He was really proud of himself for being able to solve the deliverable with his own invention.

The moral of the story is that thinking outside the box will always help to solve problems. Even if you are stuck and don’t know how to solve an issue, look for solutions in places you wouldn’t normally look. If Tyler hadn’t looked for the solution in nature, he wouldn’t have been able to complete his deliverable.

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