Once upon a time, there lived a little girl called Declaratory who always wanted to help people and stand up for what was right. She was a curious girl, who loved to explore and learn about the world around her.

One day, while wandering around town, Declaratory came across a group of kids who were arguing over a toy they had just found. Each of the kids wanted the toy for themselves and refused to share it with the others. Declaratory could see how frustrated the kids were, so she stepped in and tried to come up with a solution.

Declaratory suggested that the kids take turns playing with the toy until each of them had gotten a turn. The kids thought this was an excellent idea, so they agreed and began to take turns with the toy.

Declaratory was proud that she was able to help the kids solve their problem, but she didn’t stop there. She wanted to make sure the kids knew how important it was to share, so she took the kids to a nearby park and showed them a large tree.

Declaratory told the kids that the tree was like them: each branch was different and unique, but they all worked together to make the tree strong and beautiful. She then encouraged the kids to use the same idea and work together to make sure each of them had a share of the toy.

The kids took Declaratory’s words to heart and agreed to share the toy. They took turns playing with it until each of them had gotten a turn, and then they thanked Declaratory for her help.

The moral of the story is that by working together and sharing, we can make the world better for everyone. Declaratory showed us that even a small act of kindness can make a big difference in other people’s lives.

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