Once upon a time, there lived a little boy named Damianist. He was a naughty, curious and mischievous boy. He was always getting into trouble and his parents didn’t know what to do with him. Damianist had a habit of wandering off and getting himself into all sorts of trouble.

One day, Damianist went for a walk in the woods near his home. He got lost and started to panic and cry. Just then, he heard a loud crash and saw a giant red dragon flying over him. The dragon had a big chest in its claws and it dropped it right in front of Damianist. The dragon looked at him with its huge golden eyes and said, “If you dare to open my chest, I will give you three wishes.”

Damianist, being the adventurous brave boy he was, decided to open the chest. Inside, he found three magical scrolls with his three wishes written on them. Damianist couldn’t believe his luck and quickly made his wishes. The first wish was to have a magical flying carpet that could take him anywhere he wanted to go. The second wish was to have a talking parrot who could tell him anything he wanted to know. And the third wish was for a magical book that could grant him any wish he desired.

Amazingly, all of Damianist’s wishes came true. Now Damianist had all these magical gifts, but he still found himself getting into trouble. He would go flying around on the carpet, get frustrated when the parrot didn’t answer his questions, and get himself in trouble with the magical book. His parents got angry with him and tried to reason with him, but Damianist just didn’t seem to understand.

One day Damianist got so frustrated with his magical gifts that he threw them all in the river. As they floated away, a strange feeling came over him. He suddenly realized what he had done and started to cry. He felt so foolish for throwing away his gifts without appreciating them.

That night, Damianist lay in bed thinking about what he had done. He realized he should have been more careful with the magical items he had been given. He also realized the importance of appreciating what you have and not taking anything for granted.

The moral of the story is that we should never take anything for granted and always appreciate the things we have been given. By doing this, we can avoid making the same mistakes Damianist made.

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