Once upon a time there lived a sweet Czechoslovakian girl named Miroslava. She was the only child of a small farming family, and despite their modest means, Miroslava was a happy child with a positive outlook on life.

One year, as Miroslava was playing in the fields near her house, she stumbled upon a magical tree. Its trunk was made of pure marble and its limbs were covered in brilliant silver leaves glistening in the sun. Atop of its branches was a brilliant star made of emeralds, and upon it sat a beautiful fairy.

Miroslava timidly approached the fairy. The fairy smiled and said, “I can grant you one wish, little one. What would you like?”

Miroslava replied, “I wish for a family of my own, one with whom I can share all my joys and sorrows!”

The fairy nodded, and before Miroslava’s astonished eyes, the magical family of her dreams appeared. Together, they shared countless wonderful adventures, exploring their Slovenian homeland and making many new friends along the way.

One day, Miroslava’s siblings asked her to come and play a game of hide-and-seek. But just as she was about to join them, the magical family suddenly vanished, like a dream.

Miroslava was deeply saddened by the sudden loss of her family, but as she returned home she had the feeling that she was not alone. She saw a brilliant star shining down on her from the tree she had encountered before, and then she realized that this star was the same one she had seen atop the tree when she had made her wish.

The star reminded Miroslava of all the happy moments she had shared with her new family, and suddenly she felt as if they had never left. She understood that even though her magical family could not stay with her, they had filled her heart with so many wonderful memories.

Miroslava learned that day that the real family we have is not necessarily the one we are born into, but the one we get to choose. We can create a wonderful and loving family filled with positivity and good memories that will stay with us forever, despite the circumstances.

Moral of the story: Love and joy can be found in unexpected places, and true family is one we choose for ourselves.

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