Once upon a time, in the kingdom of Cymatium, there lived a beautiful princess named Clea. Clea was the daughter of the King and Queen of Cymatium and was beloved by all. Every day, Princess Clea played with her friends in the palace gardens and enjoyed all of the wonderful things that the kingdom of Cymatium had to offer.

One sunny day, Clea decided to explore the kingdom beyond the palace walls. She ventured into the forest and came across a large, mysterious cave. This cave was different from any other that she had seen before and she was eager to explore it. As she ventured inside, she found a strange, sparkling substance on the walls of the cave. It was a mesmerizing blue and green, like the sea and the sky. The beauty of the sparkle entranced her and, without thinking, she reached out to touch it.

Suddenly, a voice boomed from the darkness.

“Do not touch that substance!”

Startled, Clea backed away as a tall figure walked out of the shadows. It was a man, with a face of stone, wearing shimmering armor.

“What is this?” Clea asked.

“This,” the man said, “is the sacred substance of Cymatium, known as the Crystalline of the Ancients. It is said to have healing properties, but it is also very dangerous. If you touch it, your fate will be decided by the gods.”

The man, who revealed himself to be a knight of the royal guard, warned Clea to never touch the substance again. He told her that this was a warning that must never be ignored, and she solemnly promised that she would heed his advice.

She thanked the knight for his warning and went on her way. As she left the cave, she looked back at the sparkling Crystalline of the Ancients and made a silent vow that she would always remember the lesson the knight had taught her.

As she grew older, Clea found herself in many difficult situations where she was tempted to take the easy path, but she always remembered the knight’s warning. No matter how tempting it was, she never chose the easier option, knowing that her fate was in her hands and not the gods.

The moral of the story is that no matter how tempted we may be, we should always think before we act and make sure that our decisions are based on our own sense of right and wrong, not on what may or may not be the easier path.

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