Once upon a time there lived a small boy named Curtail. He was the son of a wealthy family, but they never gave him much attention since they had a lot of other children. He was often made fun of because he was so small and often felt left out.

One day Curtail’s mother had gone on a shopping trip and left him with his siblings. He was feeling particularly lonely so he decided to go for a walk. As he was walking he came across a beautiful forest. He decided to explore the forest and as he came to the centre of it, he noticed a huge curtain hanging from a tree.

Curtail was fascinated by the curtain and decided to take it home with him. He was sure that his mother would love it. He carefully carried it home and presented it to his mother when she returned from her trip.

His mother was very impressed and thanked him for his thoughtful gift. From then on Curtail was determined to use the curtain to make his home more beautiful.

Every day he would take it down and hang it up in different places in the house. His siblings were also inspired by Curtail’s creativity and started to help him in decorating their home. Soon, the entire house was transformed by curtains and it was truly a sight to behold.

The family started becoming more close and Curtail felt like a part of the family. He was praised for his creativity and the family enjoyed the beautiful atmosphere in their home.

One day, while they were admiring their new home, Curtail’s father asked them to take down all the curtains as he had to show it to an important guest. The family was surprised, but Curtail knew that it was his father’s wish and he obliged without any complaints.

As Curtail was taking down the curtains, he realised how much he had grown to love them. He was sad to see them go, but he knew that he had to respect his father’s wishes.

The moral of the story is that creativity brings people together. Curtail’s creativity helped bring the family closer and enabled them to appreciate the beauty around them. Even though it was painful for Curtail to take down the curtains, he accepted his father’s wishes with grace, showing us that respect and obedience are characteristics that we should always strive to possess.

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