Once upon a time, there was a small boy named Tommy. Tommy had just enrolled in school, and he was really excited to make new friends.

One day, Tommy was walking to school when he stumbled upon a small puppy. It seemed helpless and scared, so Tommy decided to take it with him to school. When he arrived, the teacher was not pleased with the pup and told Tommy he could not bring the cute little thing inside.

But then something incredible happened – a little girl stepped forward and offered to take care of the pup for the day. She said that it would be no problem for her and that she would make sure the pup stayed safe and happy.

The teacher was moved by the girl’s kind gesture, and allowed her to take care of the pup until the end of the day. All the other kids were amazed by the girl’s courteousness and compassion.

Tommy was so impressed by the girl’s kind gesture that he decided to start being more courteous himself. Whenever he was in the hallway, he would always hold the door open for his classmates. He would also help out anyone who needed it, no matter how small the task.

Soon, Tommy’s courteousness was noticed by his teacher and classmates. Everyone praised Tommy for his kind behavior and his willingness to help others. Tommy was very proud of himself and continued to be courteous every day.

The moral of the story is that being courteous and kind to others can make a huge difference in the world. Whether it’s holding open a door or helping out a classmate, courteousness can create a better environment for everyone. So remember, always be courteous and kind to those around you!

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