Once upon a time in a small kingdom, there were two brothers who were always at odds with each other. The eldest brother was named John, and the younger one was called Peter. They were both talented craftsmen, and shared a father’s workshop near their house.

John and Peter’s workshop was known throughout the kingdom for the work they did. People would come from all over to get the best of their creations and pay handsomely for it. But despite their fame and fortune, John and Peter were still unable to agree on anything.

One day, while they were in the middle of a heated argument, an old man arrived at the workshop with a strange request. He asked the brothers if they could create a counterferment, which was a special ingredient used for medicinal purposes. The old man offered to pay the brothers for the task and provided the ingredients needed for the counterferment.

John and Peter were intrigued by this opportunity, as it was something neither of them had ever attempted before. They got to work on the counterferment and in no time, they had created a powerful solution.

However, when the old man came back to take the counterferment, he was accompanied by a large group of men, who were all armed and dangerous. The old man explained to the brothers that they had created something special and that they wanted to use it for their own benefit.

The old man offered the brothers a generous sum of money in exchange for the counterferment, but John and Peter refused. They knew that the counterferment had the power to heal people, and they did not want to use it for any kind of evil.

The old man and his men had no other option but to leave, and John and Peter were left feeling relieved. They had passed the test and resisted the temptation for quick money.

The story of John and Peter and the counterferment spread quickly, and more people started visiting the workshop. The two brothers finally understood that money was not what was most important, and they managed to reconcile their differences, becoming better brothers and better craftsmen.

Moral: Money isn’t everything and sometimes doing the right thing is more important.

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