Once upon a time, in the beautiful and quaint village of Costotrachelian, lived two brothers; Steve and John. They were both very close and never kept secrets from each other. Growing up together had made them inseparable.

One day, Steve and John were walking along the banks of the river near their home. As they walked along, they noticed something strange in the river. On closer inspection, they found out that there was a small creature struggling to swim in the depths of the river. It was a beautiful, colourful, furry being with large wings.

Steve and John had never seen something like this before, so they quickly pulled it out of the water, and realized that it was an infant dragon. They could see that it was hurt, so they decided to take it home and nurse it back to health.

At home, they took care of the baby dragon with immense care and love. They named it Costotrachelian, after the village that they lived in. Soon, Costotrachelian grew up to be a beautiful and playful dragon. It was soon able to fly and explore the skies of the village.

Steve and John loved Costotrachelian very much, but as it grew up, they started to worry about it. They thought about how Costotrachelian would fare when it was fully grown and would no longer fit into their home.

So, Steve and John decided to travel the country to find a safe place for Costotrachelian to live. In search of this, they met people from far away lands and learnt about different cultures and traditions.

Eventually, they found a magical valley that was perfect for Costotrachelian. It had everything a dragon would need – friends, food, and freedom. They left Costotrachelian there, but promised to visit it often.

By taking care of Costotrachelian, Steve and John learnt the importance of unconditional love and care. They learnt to never give up on anyone, no matter how difficult the situation may be.

Moral – No matter how big or small someone may be, they always deserve love and care. Compassion and understanding are essential to helping those in need.

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