Once upon a time, there was a young boy named Cornettino. He lived in a small village at the foot of a large mountain range. Cornettino was quite the mischievous little boy, and his parents were often very frustrated with his behavior.

One day, his parents decided to send him to the mountain to pick some mushrooms for dinner. Cornettino was very excited about this and he started eagerly walking up the mountain. He climbed up the rocky path, admiring the beauty of the setting sun and the thick forest around him.

As he was walking, he came across a clearing and there was a small pond in the center of it. Cornettino immediately noticed that there was a large rock in the middle of the pond, and on top of that rock there was a small wooden box. The top of the box was slightly open, and he could see something twinkling inside.

He walked closer to the box and peered inside. To his surprise, there was a tiny golden harp inside! He was so amazed and excited, that he decided to take the harp with him. He immediately took the box and the harp, and started running back down the mountain path.

When he reached home, Cornettino showed his parents the box and the harp. They were also very amazed and excited by the sight of the harp and asked him where he had gotten it from.

Cornettino told them the truth and about how he had found the harp on the mountain. His parents hugged him and were very proud of him for being so honest. They knew that the harp was a very special gift and that it could possibly grant him his fondest wishes.

The next morning, Cornettino woke up and started playing the harp. He was so amazed at the beautiful music that it made and he was filled with joy! He continued practicing throughout the day and as the weeks passed, his skill on the harp improved greatly.

One day, while Cornettino was practicing the harp, he suddenly heard a voice in the air. He immediately stopped playing and listened to the voice. The voice said, “If you keep up this good work, I will grant you one wish of your choice.”

Cornettino was so excited by this, that he continued practicing and improving his skill on the harp. He was determined to make the most of this opportunity and make his wish come true.

And so, Cornettino practiced day and night, until finally he had reached his goal. He was now the best harpist in the entire village and had mastered the art of playing the harp.

When he was finally ready to make his wish, he decided that his wish would be for all the villagers to be happy and for everyone to live in peace and harmony.

The voice in the air was very pleased with Cornettino’s wish and granted it right away. From that day onwards, the village was full of happiness, peace and understanding. All the villagers did their part to help each other and matters of dispute were peacefully resolved.

This small village was a true example of how honesty and good intentions can lead to wonderful things.

Moral: Honesty and good intentions can lead to wonderful opportunities and rewards.

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