Once upon a time, there lived a young girl named Barbara. Barbara was a very unique child who had the ability to recognize when things weren’t fair. She was always looking out for others, while also taking care of herself.

One day, Barbara was walking through the park when she noticed a group of children playing together. She noticed that one of the children seemed to be different from the others. His name was Charles, and he was the youngest in the group. He was also the one who was being teased the most.

Barbara went up to Charles and asked him why he was being teased by the other children. Charles told her that he was different from them in many ways, including his clothes and the way he talked. He felt like an outcast in the group.

Barbara told him that he shouldn’t feel that way and that he should stand up for himself. She told him that it was his right to be different and that he should not let other people judge him based on his differences.

Barbara then asked Charles to join her in a game of “contra-gradation”. Charles was hesitant at first, but eventually agreed to give it a try.

The game consisted of each person taking turns saying the opposite of what the other person says. For example, if one person says “yes”, the other person would say “no”. The goal of the game was to create a picture of harmony between two different people by finding common ground through their differences.

Barbara and Charles played the game for hours and found out that they had many things in common. They both liked to play soccer, watch cartoons, and eat ice cream. They both shared the same kind of sense of humor and soon became very close friends.

Through their friendship, Barbara and Charles showed the other children in the park that it was ok to be different and that differences can be celebrated.

At the end of their game, Barbara and Charles had created a bond of friendship and understanding. They had also realized the importance of not judging someone based on their differences.

The moral of the story is that it’s okay to be different. We shouldn’t judge someone based on their differences as we can end up missing out on a great opportunity to learn and grow. Instead, we should embrace these differences and celebrate them.

By taking a chance on Charles, Barbara was able to find a friend and a lesson in the process. She showed that caring and understanding can go a long way in creating harmony between two people regardless of their differences.

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