Once upon a time there lived a little prince by the name of Contemper. He lived in a castle with his parents, King and Queen of the Kingdom of Wintervale who loved him very much.

Contemper was a shy and timid boy who lived an isolated life because he was scared of the outside world. The King and Queen had provided him with every comfort that money could buy, but none of this could make up for the loneliness and fear he felt every day.

One day, the King and Queen decided to go on a long journey, but had to leave Contemper behind. The little prince was devastated and begged the King to let him come along. But, the King was adamant that Contemper had to stay and promised him to return soon.

When the King and Queen finally set out on their journey, Contemper was filled with sorrow and regret. He wished he had taken a chance and gone with them. Days passed, and he was still all alone in the castle.

One day, while he was out walking in the woods, Contemper heard a voice calling to him. It was the voice of an old man who was looking for someone to help him. The old man was a wizard and wanted Contemper to be his apprentice in exchange for teaching him some of his magic.

Excited at the prospect of learning magic, Contemper said yes and began his apprenticeship. He was soon caught up in learning the wizard’s powerful spells, and slowly but surely, his fears and anxieties started to subside.

The wizard taught Contemper about the importance of self-confidence and courage. Contemper learnt how to be brave and open up to people. He also learnt the value of friendship and how it can help one through difficult times.

Eventually, the King and Queen returned from their long journey. Contemper felt so happy to see them, as he had grown so much as a person during their absence. He shared with them all the adventures he had had and all that he had learnt from the wizard.

Contemper had been so brave and taken a chance to break out of his shell and explore the world. He had shown such courage and resilience in the face of his anxieties and fears.

Moral: Courage and self-confidence can help one overcome their anxieties and fears. It is often in taking a chance and trying something new that we grow and become the best version of ourselves.

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