Once upon a time, there was a young boy named Conniver who lived with his family in a small town. Conniver was an imaginative boy who always had his head in the clouds. He was always daydreaming and coming up with new ideas and schemes.

Conniver loved to figure out how he could get the most out of any situation he was in. He was always looking for new ways to get what he wanted without having to do much work or effort. Soon, he developed a reputation as a conniver.

One day, he thought of a scheme. He would go around town asking people for money. Most of the time, he would get away with it, but sometimes, he got caught. The townsfolk were getting tired of his antics, so they started avoiding him.

Conniver was getting desperate for money, so he hatched an even bigger scheme. He would go around town convincing people to give him money for a “surefire” investment opportunity. Of course, there was no real investment and Conniver was just taking their money.

Unfortunately, Conniver was soon caught and arrested. He was sentenced to several months in jail for his crimes.

Conniver was eventually released and he vowed to be a better person. He realized that money wasn’t the only way to get ahead in life. In order to succeed, you need to work hard and be honest.

Moral: It is always better to work hard and be honest, than to take short cuts and be dishonest to get ahead.

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