Once upon a time, in a far away kingdom, there lived a kind and wise ruler. He was well-loved by all his subjects, and he wanted to ensure that his kingdom was safe and peaceful.

To achieve this, the ruler decided to make a concordat, a formal agreement between two countries that declared their intentions of peaceful relations and mutually beneficial trade. He invited the neighboring kingdoms to join him in this concordat, and all agreed it was a wise idea.

But, the ruler’s children were not as wise. They were impatient and jealous of the other kingdoms and wanted to gain an advantage over them. They began to plot a secret plan to break the concordat and wage a war that would give them an edge.

The ruler was deeply concerned. He knew how quickly a war could spread and the destruction that it could cause. He wanted to prevent this from happening, and so he decided to gather all the children from all the kingdoms together and to teach them about concordats and the benefits of peace.

He arranged for the children to gather in a large hall in the castle, and he explained to them that concordats are agreements between nations that are intended to promote peace and understanding between them. He explained that it was in everyone’s best interest to respect the agreement and to understand that everyone was on the same side.

The children listened intently as the ruler spoke, and many of them were deeply moved by his words. They began to understand that peace was a much better choice than a war, and they began to feel a sense of harmony between them and the other kingdoms.

The ruler was pleased to see the children changing their minds, and he was relieved to know that he had prevented a war from happening. He was proud that his children had learned a valuable lesson, and he hoped that other rulers would follow his example and work together to keep the peace.

The moral of this story is that peace is much better than war and it can be achieved through cooperation and understanding. We should always strive to improve our relationships with others, and to make sure that we are all on the same side. This is the essence of a concordat, and it is something that we should all strive for.

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