Once upon a time, there was a kid named Max. He was a very curious and kind-hearted 8 year old.

Max lived with his parents and his sister, in a small town by the sea. He lived a simple life, with lots of sunshine and blue skies.

One day, Max went to the beach with his family for a picnic. As he was walking along the beach, he noticed something sparkly in the sand. He ran to it and he was very excited when he realized it was a seashell.

He couldn’t wait to show it to his parents and his sister. But when he got to them, they were too busy talking to each other to even notice. Max was sad and he felt like they were ignoring him.

He then noticed a group of kids on the beach who were playing a game. He wanted to join in, but he was too scared to approach them. Then he heard one of the kids whisper something about him being a “comminate”.

Max had no idea what that meant, but he knew it wasn’t nice. He was worried that the other kids would think he was weird and laugh at him. So he just stayed quiet and didn’t approach them.

He was so sad and disappointed that he just wanted to go home. So he started walking away from the beach. On his way back, he passed the same group of kids he had seen earlier.

This time, one of the kids noticed him and asked him if he wanted to play with them. Max was shocked but he accepted the invitation. They started to play and soon Max was having fun with the other kids.

He realized that even though they had used an ugly word to describe him, they were still nice and friendly. He felt relieved and happy that he could be himself around them.

Max learned an important lesson that day, that it’s not what other people say about you that matters, it’s how you view yourself. No matter what others say about you, you can always be yourself and have fun.

The moral of the story is to never listen to what other people say about you. The only opinion that matters is yours and you should always be true to yourself.

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