Once upon a time there lived an energetic little boy called Comital. He was about 10 years old and was as mischievous as any boy of his age. He lived in a small town with his parents and little brother.

Comital was a very active and curious kid. He was always looking for adventure. He was quite enterprising and for that reason he used to explore the village and its surroundings. He used to go to the nearby forest with his friends and play there the whole day.

One day, Comital and his friends decided to explore an old abandoned fort in the forest. The rumor was that the fort was haunted and that strange things used to happen there. Despite the warnings, Comital and his friends decided to explore the fort.

When they reached the fort, they were really impressed by its size and beauty. They started to explore the fort, but suddenly, something strange started to happen. All the doors and windows of the fort started to close. Comital and his friends were scared but they decided to find a way to get out.

They started to look for a way out, but nothing was working. After hours of searching, Comital remembered that he had seen a secret door near the entrance of the fort. He and his friends ran to the entrance and found the secret door. They opened it and managed to get out of the fort.

Once they were out of the fort, they all realized the importance of listening to their elders’ advices. They learned that sometimes it’s better to stay away from dangerous places and things as they can have unexpected consequences.

Moral of the story: It is important to listen to the advices of the elders and stay away from dangerous places and things.

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