Once upon a time, there was a kid named Janice who was a diligent student and enjoyed playing with her friends in the park. She idolized her mom, who was a scientist, and was fascinated by her mom’s work.

One day, Janice asked her mom to explain to her what combustion is. Her mom was more than happy to oblige and explained that combustion is a chemical reaction that happens when a fuel combines with oxygen and produces heat. She warned Janice to be very careful when dealing with combustible materials and never to do anything on her own.

But Janice didn’t listen to her mom and she decided that she wanted to experiment with combustion on her own. She found a book of matches in the garage and decided to start her own combustion experiment.

She lit the match and immediately it burst into flames. She was taken aback by the result and quickly started to panic. She was scared that the fire was going to spread and get out of control. She ran away from the flame and ran to her mom for help.

Her mom rushed to the scene and immediately extinguished the fire. She scolded Janice for not listening to her and endangering herself. She reminded Janice of the importance of following instructions and the dangers of playing with combustible materials.

Janice promised that she would never do something like that again and was thankful that nothing serious happened to her. After this incident, Janice always remembered to listen to directions before attempting something new and always exercise caution when playing with combustible materials.

Moral: Always listen to your parents or guardians and follow their instructions to stay safe.

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