Once upon a time, there was a small village on the outskirts of the Kingdom of China. It was a remote and fairly isolated place, but its inhabitants had all the basic needs provided and were happy with their life.

One day, a few men from the kingdom arrived in the village, accompanied by a large mechanical apparatus. They had come to build a cofferdam in the nearby river in order to divert water to the kingdom’s main supply. The men began to work immediately, and the villagers watched with curiosity as the structure was built.

Once the cofferdam was complete and the water was diverted, the villagers noticed that the water running through their village was much cleaner and clearer than before. They were overjoyed at the improved water quality and thanked the men from the kingdom for their hard work.

One day, the villagers noticed that the cofferdam had developed a small leak. The men from the kingdom had departed and the villagers had no idea how to fix it. After much discussion and debate, the villagers decided that they must go to the Kingdom of China to seek help.

The villagers traveled to the kingdom and explained their predicament. To their surprise, the king of China listened to their plea and promised to send workers to repair the leak. The king was true to his word, and soon enough the village had a team of workers to repair the leak in the cofferdam.

With the help of the workers from the kingdom, the villagers were able to repair the cofferdam and keep the clean water supply flowing. Everyone was extremely grateful to the king for his help and for his thoughtful actions.

Moral: The kindness of one person or group can have a large and positive influence on the lives of others.

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