In a lush forest, there lived many animals who had spread their different interests from what to eat, how to live to where to stay. However, among them, there lived two best friends, a rabbit named Robbie and a deer named Danny. They were known in the forest for their friendship which was unbreakable since their childhood, even though they had different interests. Robbie was a playful prankster while Danny was reserved and practical. They used to spend their evenings together either exploring the forest or just chilling under a banyan tree discussing their goals.

One evening as they were walking along the river, they stumbled upon a beautiful peacock, who seemed to be in distress. They approached him and asked him what was wrong, to which the peacock replied that he had lost all his vibrant feathers due to a storm and he was afraid to seek help from any of the animals in the forest. He was ashamed of his dull appearance and didn’t want anyone to laugh at him.

Robbie and Danny, being kind-hearted animals, immediately assured him that they wouldn’t judge him for his appearance and promised to find a way to help him regain his feathers. They brainstormed and decided to ask the old owl for help. The owl was known for his knowledge and wisdom and had been living in the forest for ages. However, he lived deep in the forest across the river and nobody knew how to get there. Nevertheless, the determined duo decided to take the challenge and started their adventurous journey.

They encountered many obstacles on their way, a steep hill, a muddy swamp, and even a group of angry monkeys who didn’t want them to pass through. But, their strong bond and determination helped them overcome each challenge that came in their way. After a long and tiring journey, they finally reached the wise old owl’s abode.

They shared the peacock’s problem with him to which he smiled and said, “My dear children, you have already helped the peacock by not judging him for his appearance. That is a quality that is hard to find in today’s world. He had come to me earlier and I had advised him that true beauty lies within one’s heart and not on the outside. His feathers will automatically grow back when he is happy from within and not ashamed of himself.”

Robbie and Danny were amazed by the old owl’s wisdom and immediately went back to the peacock and shared what the wise old owl had told them. The peacock felt relieved and realized that he had been misguided in his pursuit of beauty. He started appreciating himself for who he was and his feathers eventually grew back, brighter and more beautiful than before.

Robbie and Danny were thrilled to see their friend’s happiness and felt proud of themselves for helping him overcome his fears. They returned to the forest with happy hearts, and the peacock now became a beautiful source of joy for everyone in the forest.

The moral of the story is that true beauty comes from within, and it is not found in external things like clothes, hairstyles, or feathers. We must learn to appreciate ourselves for who we are and not be ashamed of our imperfections. When we love ourselves for who we are, we inspire the world to love us just the way we are.

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