Once upon a time, there lived two brothers, Alan and Ian. They were twins who lived in a small mountain village. Every day they would go to their local coal mine to help their father and the other miners provide for their family.

They had been working in the mines for three years now, and the work was starting to wear them down. One day, things changed when a mysterious man came to their village. He called himself the Coal Master, and he promised the miners a better life with fewer hours and more money if they joined his coalition.

The miners were hesitant at first, but eventually they all agreed that this was a great opportunity. The Coal Master gave each miner a large bag of coal to use in the mines, and the twins were excited to see what they could do with the extra coal.

The twins worked hard day in and day out, and soon the miners were able to produce more coal than ever before. This increased the mine’s profits, and the Coal Master was able to keep his promise of providing more money and less hours.

The Coal Master continued to visit the twins and the other miners, offering advice and assistance whenever possible. He encouraged them to keep up their hard work and continue striving for success. This was the first time the miners felt like they were truly valued and respected by someone outside of their village.

The Coal Master eventually left the village, but his legacy of coalitional work was just beginning. The miners, including the twins, worked together to produce more coal and help their village. They shared resources and ideas, and their success only increased over time.

As the twins continued to work and share, they started to realize that working together was much more beneficial than trying to do everything themselves. They also learned that they could achieve more by combining their individual strengths and weaknesses. This was the power of coalitional work.

The twins shared their newfound knowledge with their father and the other miners in their village, and soon the entire village was united in their goal of providing for their families and bettering their lives.

The moral of the story is this: coalitional work is powerful. Working together is more effective than trying to do everything yourself. By combining our individual strengths and weaknesses, we can achieve more than we ever could on our own.

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