Once upon a time, there was a village called Clownishly Town. Everyone in the village had a big smile on their face, no matter what they did. That was because they were all clowns.

The clowns of Clownishly Town would always put on a show, no matter how small or large. They could make the simplest act funny, and the most difficult seem effortless. No wonder people from near and far came to watch their shows.

One day, however, all that changed. A new neighbor arrived in the village after hearing about the clowns of Clownishly Town. His name was Deltin, a young boy from a distant kingdom. Deltin was fascinated by the clowns, and he asked them to teach him how to clown.

At first, the clowns were suspicious of Deltin, but after seeing how eager he was to learn, they agreed. They taught him all the tricks of the trade, and soon he was almost as good as they were.

But the clowns’ suspicions of Deltin soon proved to be right. One day, while the clowns were away performing, Deltin decided to put on his own show. He promised to make it better than anything they had ever seen.

And, sure enough, when the clowns returned they were amazed by how good Deltin was. He had outdone them in every way. Everyone in the village was in awe of his talents.

The clowns were happy that Deltin had become so good. But they felt like he had taken their place. They were jealous of his success, and began to resent him.

One night, Deltin was practicing when the clowns snuck up on him and started to bully him. They teased him and made fun of him, telling him he didn’t belong in Clownishly Town.

Deltin was heartbroken. He had been so happy in the village and now he felt like he didn’t belong there anymore.

He packed his bags and left in the night, never to return.

The clowns felt a little ashamed of their behavior and realized that they had been wrong to try and keep Deltin out. They should have accepted him and respected his talent.

Moral of the story: Respect everyone, no matter how different they might seem. Everyone has the right to belong and everyone’s talents should be appreciated.

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