Once upon a time, there lived a small village in a faraway land. The people of this village were simple, kind, and friendly. They were always helping each other and were content with whatever little they had.

One day, a new villager moved into the village. His name was Closh. Closh was a wealthy man who had never experienced poverty. He had a large house, nice clothes, and plenty of money. The villagers were shocked by how much money he had, and they were also envious of him.

Closh was very generous with his money and would often help out his fellow villagers by giving them gifts or helping them financially. This made him very popular in the village and he was well-liked by the people.

One day, however, Closh decided to try and buy himself some new clothes. He went to the village market and bought the most expensive and luxurious clothing he could find. He was so pleased with his new clothes that he decided to wear them all the time.

His neighbors, however, were not pleased. They felt that it was inappropriate for someone to flaunt his wealth in a place where everyone was equal, regardless of their status. They criticized Closh and told him that he should be more aware of his privilege and help those who were less fortunate than him.

At first, Closh was angry with his neighbors and refused to listen to them. But after some time, he realized that they were right. He decided to donate some of his money to those in need and to be more aware of his privilege.

Closh’s story serves as a reminder that it is important to be aware of our privilege and to help those who are less fortunate than us. It is also important to be humble, so that we can remain content with whatever we have.

The moral of the story is that it is better to be humble and generous than to show off your wealth.

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