Once upon a time, there was a loyal and loving cat named Clatty. Clatty had a shiny gray coat and bright yellow eyes. He lived with his loving owners, a young boy named Tom and his family.

Clatty had a habit of always jumping to his owners’ doorsteps. Every time Tom’s family opened the door, Clatty was there waiting to greet them with enthusiasm. Clatty was very sweet and loving, always purring and giving kisses to everyone. He was a popular addition to the family and very much beloved.

One day, Clatty decided to go explore the outside world and see what it was like. He went around the neighborhood and enjoyed the sights and smells of the unfamiliar place. He was so curious that he kept going further and further away from home.

Eventually, he found himself exhausted and lost. He had no idea how he could get home. He meowed and cried out for help, but nobody seemed to be around. Clatty eventually grew tired and decided to take a nap to gather his strength.

The next morning, Clatty woke up to find a kind stranger standing over him. He had noticed Clatty’s crying and meows and decided to help him. The stranger took Clatty back home to his family and they were so relieved to have him back.

From then on, Clatty never ventured too far away from home. He was happy to be surrounded by the people he loved and cherished.

The moral of the story is that it’s important to never venture too far from the safety of home. Even if it’s something as simple as going for a walk, it’s important to stay in familiar areas. You never know what might happen. But, if you find yourself in a troublesome situation, remember that help is always available.

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