Once upon a time, there lived a very curious little girl named Sarah. She was very adventurous and often loved exploring the world around her. She particularly enjoyed studying the different shapes and colors of things.

One day, while on a walk with her family, Sarah noticed a peculiar pattern – a circle. She had never seen such a shape before and thought it was very odd. She asked her parents what it was, but they didn’t have an answer.

So, Sarah went on a mission to find out what it was. She tried to research in her school library, but the librarian wasn’t able to help her. She then asked her friends, but no one had seen anything like it before.

Finally, Sarah decided to venture into her city and ask the elders at her local temple. When she arrived, she noticed a large circular symbol carved into the wall of the temple. The temple elders explained to her that the symbol represented the infinite cycle of life.

Sarah asked the elders to explain more about the symbol and what it meant. They explained that life is a circle, and it is always changing. Through the cycles of life, we experience happiness, sorrow, love, and loss. Everything is connected, and every experience is part of a beautiful cycle.

Sarah was amazed by what the elders had taught her. She thanked them for the knowledge and returned home.

As she walked, Sarah began to think about how everything in life was connected and how she could stay connected with her loved ones even when things changed. She was so inspired by the symbol of the circle that she decided to create a special bracelet that she could wear to remember the infinite cycle of life.

Sarah made several bracelets to share with her loved ones. Whenever they were together, they would wear their bracelets to remind them of the beautiful cycle of life.

Moral: Life is a cycle of change and every experience is an important part of the circle. Stay connected to the ones you love and remember that life is always changing.

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