Once upon a time, there was a little boy called Chorook. He was a very playful and mischievous child, who loved playing with his friends in the village. Every day, Chorook and his friends would be running around the village, playing hide and seek and other fun games.

One day, as Chorook and his friends were out playing, they came across a beautiful lake. The lake was so peaceful and tranquil that it almost seemed like a scene from a fairy tale. Chorook’s friends were immediately enamored with the lake and wanted to go and explore it further. Chorook, however, was hesitant and did not want to go. He had heard stories of things that lurked in the depths of the lake and was scared. He did not want to risk getting too close.

But his friends were adamant and ultimately convinced Chorook to go with them. As the boys cautiously approached the lake, Chorook was overcome with fear. He kept imagining all kinds of monsters hiding in the depths of the lake and started to tremble with fear. The rest of the boys, however, were fearless. They waded further and further into the lake, and soon, little Chorook found himself swimming in the lake.

At first, the lake felt cold and dark, and Chorook wanted to turn back. But soon, as he ventured further and further into the lake, he began to feel a strange sense of calm. He soon forgot all his fears, and started to swim around joyfully.

Suddenly, his friends shouted out to him: “Chorook! Look! A giant fish!” Chorook quickly looked around and saw a giant fish swimming towards him. He instantly became scared and wanted to get out of the lake and back onto the safety of the shore. But the giant fish continued to swim closer and closer to him, and Chorook, being so close to the surface of the lake, could not move any further. He was paralysed with fear.

But just then, he heard a voice coming from the depths of the lake. It was the giant fish speaking to him! The fish asked Chorook why he was so scared, and Chorook replied that he had heard stories of monsters living in the lake. The giant fish smiled and said, “You must remember, my friend, that sometimes our fears are much bigger than reality.” Chorook began to understand that his fears were irrational and was filled with a newfound courage. His friends admired Chorook’s bravery and thanked the giant fish for his wise words.

The moral of the story is that fear can often be irrational, and it is important to stay brave and keep pushing forward, even in the face of fear.

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