Once upon a time there was a little girl named Choree, who lived with her parents in a small village. She was a very determined and hardworking girl who wanted to make her parents proud.

Every morning, Choree would get up early and do all the chores that needed to be done. She would sweep the house, wash the dishes, and make breakfast for her family. She would even help her parents with their chores and leave them more time to relax.

One day, Choree’s parents asked her to go to the market and buy some supplies for the house. Choree was eager to go, so she put on her cap and set off.

At the market, Choree was fascinated by all the hustle and bustle. She was mesmerized by the colors, smells, and sights of the market. She also saw some interesting items that she wanted to buy, but she knew that she needed to be disciplined and save her money.

So, Choree patiently waited in line, paid for her purchases and returned home. She was so proud of her discipline and thought of how much her parents would appreciate it.

When Choree’s parents saw the items she bought, they were ecstatic. They praised Choree for being so responsible and for having so much self-control. They even gave her extra rewards for being so responsible.

Moral of the story: Discipline and self-control are essential qualities for success in life. Working hard, being responsible, and having an eye for the details will always be rewarded.

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