Once upon a time in a faraway forest, there lived a little Chickaree who loved to play and explore the woods. His favorite thing to do was to scamper up and down the trees and chase the butterflies around. He was a very adventurous little creature and he loved seeing what new and exciting things every day would bring.

One day, he was scampering around on a really hot summer day, looking for something new to explore. Suddenly he noticed a big, shady tree with a bunch of ripe cherries hanging from it. He hopped up the trunk of the tree and before he knew it, he had eaten all the cherries.

At first, he felt a bit guilty, but then he thought to himself, “Oh well, no one else is here to eat them anyway. I might as well enjoy them myself.”

He was so busy eating all the cherries that he didn’t realize that he was not alone. Right in the midst of him eating the cherries, a big bear came lumbering around the corner. The bear was so astonished to see a Chickaree in his tree that he didn’t know what to do.

The Chickaree was so scared that he couldn’t move. He was sure that the bear was going to attack him, so he closed his eyes and braced himself for the worst. But instead of attacking him, the bear just sat and watched him with a curious expression.

Eventually, the bear and the Chickaree became friends. The bear loved the Chickaree’s playful and mischievous ways, and soon they were having all sorts of fun adventures together. Whether it was playing tag, gathering berries, or chasing butterflies, they always had a good time together.

But one thing the Chickaree soon realized was that he could not take things that did not belong to him. He had forgotten that the big, ripe cherries on the tree belonged to the bear, and he felt very guilty for taking them without asking. He knew he had to do something to make it up to the bear.

So, the next day, he scurried around the forest and gathered as many big, ripe cherries as he could find. When he returned to the bear, he presented the cherries to him with an apologetic bow. The bear was touched by the Chickaree’s gesture, and accepted his apology.

The moral of this story is that it is wrong to take things that do not belong to you. It is important to always ask permission before taking something, and it is also important to make things right if you do make a mistake.

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