Once upon a time, there lived a young girl named Chandleress who lived in a small village. She was kind and gentle, but she was also very brave.

One day, Chandleress was walking through the woods when she stumbled upon an old hut deep within the forest. She was curious as to what it might contain, so she ventured inside.

Once inside, Chandleress noticed that the hut seemed to be enchanted. The walls were lined with magical candles of all shapes, sizes and colors. Chandleress quickly realized that this was the home of the local witch, who used the candles to perform her magic.

Chandleress was eager to explore further and discover the secrets of the witch’s hut, so she began to light the candles. As she moved around the hut, a beautiful and mesmerizing glow filled the room.

Suddenly, the witch’s voice echoed throughout the hut. She was furious that Chandleress had invaded her home and used her magical candles. The witch warned Chandleress that she would be cursed if she lit any more candles.

Chandleress was afraid but refused to back down. She knew that she had to face her fear and show strength if she wanted to protect herself. With a deep breath and a fearless courage, Chandleress lit another candle and the witch’s voice fell silent.

Chandleress looked around the hut and it seemed that the witch had gone. She then noticed that the candles had begun to move and dance around the hut, creating a beautiful and mesmerizing display.

Chandleress was astonished and delighted by the beauty of the spectacle and realized that the witch’s strength was not found in her anger but in her courage.

Chandleress learned that sometimes the bravest thing to do is to face our fears. She also learned that with courage, even the darkest moments can become something beautiful.

Moral of the story: With courage, even the darkest moments can become something beautiful.

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