Once upon a time there was a small village in the middle of a big forest called cebatha. People of cebatha have been living peacefully and happily for many years.

In the village, there is a boy named Rayam. Rayam was a very creative and intelligent boy. He was always finding new and creative ways to explore the outside world.

One day, Rayam decided to go out and explore the forest around the village. He wanted to see what kinds of animals, plants, and other interesting things he could find. He went out early in the morning with some bread and a small jug of water.

Rayam was walking around the forest, when he suddenly heard a loud cry. He stopped and saw a young deer standing in the bush, trembling. Rayam could tell that the deer was scared and lost. He quickly made a plan. He got some bread and slowly approached the deer. He spoke to the deer softly and tried to calm her down. The deer started to trust him and went close to him. Rayam was surprised by the deer’s cuteness and beauty.

The deer followed Rayam to the village. People of cebatha were surprised to see a wild deer in their village. Rayam narrated his story to them. Everyone appreciated Rayam for his kind act and thought that he was a very brave and generous boy.

Rayam kept the deer in his home where he took care of her with love and affection. The deer got used to the village life gradually. She ate the food that Rayam cooked for her and played with him. Everyone in the village loved her and the deer was the newest member of the village.

Rayam’s kindness towards the deer taught everyone in the village a great lesson. People started to understand the importance of being kind to others. Rayam also taught them how to be brave in every situation and how to help others in need.

The moral of the story is that kindness always has great rewards. Being generous and helping others in need can bring us immense joy and satisfaction. It is important to be brave and never shy away from helping others.

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