Once upon a time there lived three siblings named Sarah, Ben and Alex. Sarah was the eldest and was twelve years old, while Ben was the middle child and nine years old, and Alex was the youngest and six years old.

The three siblings shared a unique bond unlike any other and often spent their days playing together. One day, the children decided to go exploring in the nearby woods. After some time, the children heard an interesting sound coming from a nearby bush. They curiously bent down to get a closer look.

To their surprise, the bush was home to a mysterious creature called a Cavascope. The Cavascope was an animal with a body made of metal, large antennae and wings that could fold and unfold. The creature had an incredible ability to detect the deepest thoughts and desires of any living being.

The children were amazed by this creature and decided to take it home with them. But before they could do so, the Cavascope warned them that they mustn’t reveal its presence to anyone, or else it would fly away never to be seen again. The children agreed to the Cavascope’s terms and they were allowed to take it home.

Once home, the children kept their new friend hidden from the world and named it Cavascope. Every day, the siblings would take time to spend with Cavascope, learning about its unique abilities. They soon discovered that Cavascope could help them understand each other’s feelings and desires.

One day, the children asked Cavascope to help them make a difficult decision. They were going to have to choose between two different paths, and they wanted Cavascope to help them make the right choice. The Cavascope answered their request and helped the siblings choose the path they were meant to take.

The Cavascope’s help was invaluable and the siblings’ decision changed their lives forever.

The moral of this story is that even when we feel lost in life and don’t know which path to take, the right decision can be made with the help of the right people. No matter the situation, having someone who you can trust and rely on can make all the difference in the world.

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