Once upon a time, in a far away land, lived a small family of two children and their mom. Every day the children would go out into the forest to collect sticks and old wood that they used to make things around the house. One day, the boy and girl came across an old carton. They stopped to examine it only to find out that the carton was filled with books! Thrilled to find such a treasure, they quickly took it home to share with their mom.

When their mom saw the old carton, her eyes lit up with delight. She thanked the children for bringing home such a special gift and set about carefully sorting through each book. As she flipped through the pages, the mom’s face lit up with joy again as she recognized some of the titles. The books were a collection of stories that she had read to the children when they were very small.

The mom was so excited to share the stories with her children again that she decided they should have a special day. She carefully arranged the books on the shelf, then grabbed the children and took them out for the day.

At the park the mom, boy and girl played games, ate food and told stories from the books. They laughed, cried and sang together under the blue sky. When it was time to go home, their mom said, “Let’s take this carton of books with us and start a library at home. We can fill it with all our favorite books and share them with family and friends.”

The boy and girl were so excited to help their mom with her idea and over the next few weeks, they carefully gathered books from family, friends and the library. Eventually, their mom had a full library of books that the children could explore and share with the world.

The moral of the story is that sharing can bring joy to those around you. Love and friendship are even more powerful when shared. So, go out into the world and share all the wonderful things you find!

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