Once upon a time, there lived an old carpenter named Carra Ran in a quaint village surrounded by lush green hills and trees. He was respected by the people in the village for his craftsmanship, and he was an honest and hardworking man.

Carraran had two children, a son and a daughter. His son, named Rany, was a hardworking young man, who was eager to learn his father’s craft. His daughter, named Rana, was a lively and persistent girl, who enjoyed playing games and running around the village.

One day, Rany was walking in the forest near their village and he stumbled upon a small clearing filled with beautiful wildflowers. Rany was overwhelmed by the beauty of the flowers and decided to pick some to give as a surprise to his father.

When Rany arrived back home, he presented the flowers to his father and asked him to create something beautiful out of them. His father, impressed by his son’s enthusiasm, accepted the challenge and got to work. Together, Carraran and Rany crafted a beautiful and intricate wooden sculpture of two birds perched on a branch of a tree.

The village was ecstatic when they saw the beautiful sculpture and couldn’t believe that it was made by two talented hands. The villagers praised Rany for his effort and gave him a lot of admiration.

But this admiration didn’t last long and soon the villagers started to gossip about Rany and his father. They said that the sculpture was made with magic, not skill. Eventually, the news spread throughout the village and reached the ears of a powerful and wealthy lord, who decided to test the skill of the carpenter and his son.

He asked them to make a sculpture of a peacock, the most beautiful bird according to him.

Rany and his father accepted the challenge and worked day and night to craft a beautiful wooden sculpture of a peacock. Despite the lack of resources and time, the two managed to deliver the sculpture on time.

The lord was astonished when he saw the sculpture and was finally convinced that the skill and hard work of Carraran and his son had crafted it. As a reward, he gifted them with a chest full of gold coins, enough to make them wealthy.

Carraran and his son humbly accepted the reward and thanked the lord for his generosity. After returning home, they shared the gold among the villagers.

Moral of the story: Hard work, dedication and perseverance can help us achieve anything. Even if resources are scarce and time is limited, anything is possible if we put in the effort.

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