Once upon a time there lived a young boy called Joshua who lived in a tiny village nestled in the foothills of a mountain range. His parents worked hard to make a living and Joshua had a very happy childhood.

One day, Joshua’s parents took him to the nearby market where he saw a peddler selling a beautiful set of colorful stones. Joshua was entranced and he asked his parents to buy it. Despite his pleading they refused, telling him that they couldn’t afford it. But Joshua was determined to get the stones and convinced his parents to let him try and earn some money by doing odd jobs around the village.

So, Joshua went from house to house, doing chores like cleaning the windows and sweeping the yards. He worked hard and soon enough he had saved enough money to buy the stones. As he was about to make the purchase, he felt something strange on his skin. He looked down and realized that his skin had started to sweat and it smelled really bad.

He was embarrassed and ashamed and quickly ran away from the market. When he got home, he told his parents what had happened. His father took a closer look and told Joshua that he had cacidrosis, a condition that caused his sweat glands to become overactive and smell bad.

Despite his parents’ reassurances, Joshua was so embarrassed that he was scared to go out again. He stopped going to school and he avoided all his friends. He was too frightened that they would make fun of him or that they would be able to smell the odour even when he was far away.

One day, while out walking in the woods, Joshua came across an old man who asked him what was wrong. Joshua was hesitant at first, but he eventually opened up to the man, telling him all about his condition.

The old man was very understanding and told Joshua that he had nothing to be ashamed of. He said that although everyone’s skin smells differently and some people have a stronger odour than others, it’s just a part of who we are and it shouldn’t stop us from living life to the fullest.

The old man’s words gave Joshua the courage he needed and he began to go out again, this time without fear or shame. He was even finally able to buy the beautiful stones he had wanted for so long.

The moral of the story is that everyone’s body is different, and not everyone smells the same. We should accept and embrace our uniqueness, rather than let it limit us.

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