Once upon a time there was a small town called Bunko full of happy, lively and friendly people. Each day the townsfolk would get together and play games and sing songs. One of the most popular games to play in Bunko was a game called Bunko.

The game was simple: each player would have three dice, and the goal was to roll all three dice in a way that added up to nine. If the players managed to do so, they’d win the game. The game was so fun and popular that adults and children alike spent hours playing it together.

One day, a new family moved into town. They had one young son, named Henry, who quickly became the talk of the town. Everyone in town noticed how smart and talented Henry was, and they immediately welcomed him with open arms. Henry was so excited to find a place where he could be himself and just have fun.

Soon, Henry became an avid Bunko player. He quickly mastered the game and was always the first one to win. Everyone loved playing with Henry and enjoyed his company.

Unfortunately, what none of them knew was that Henry was cheating. He was using sleight of hand moves to change the outcome of his rolls. Whenever Henry won, the other players would feel cheated and angry.

One day, the other players cornered Henry and demanded to know how he was winning so often. Henry finally admitted to cheating, and even though the other players were very angry, they were mostly just disappointed in Henry.

Henry felt horrible and knew he had to make it right. He apologized to each of the players, and said he would do anything to make it up to them. He thought long and hard and finally came up with a plan.

Henry decided to organize a Bunko tournament in the town square where everyone would compete fairly and honestly. Henry promised the people of Bunko that he would serve as the judge, and that none of his cheating would be allowed.

All of the people of Bunko agreed and the tournament was held. After several rounds, Henry emerged as the winner. And this time it was for real!

The people of Bunko were so proud of Henry, and they now saw him in a new light. They realized that even though he had made a bad mistake he was still capable of greatness.

The moral of the story is that everyone makes mistakes and it is important to own up to them and make them right. Life is all about learning lessons and growing as a person.

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