Once upon a time, there was a small and cheerful rabbit living in a small patch of forest near a big city. His name was Bumpy, and he was a very curious rabbit. He was always exploring his surroundings and getting into all sorts of adventures.

One day he decided to explore the city. It was a big and exciting place and he couldn’t wait to explore everything. He hopped around town, checking out the different stores and sights. Everywhere he went, people smiled at him and waved hello.

As he hopped around, Bumpy noticed that there was a lot of trash and litter on the streets. He was so sad to see how dirty the city was. Bumpy wanted to do something to help clean it up, but he was just a tiny rabbit, so he wasn’t sure if he could make a difference.

So, Bumpy decided to start by picking up some of the trash he saw. He hopped around the city, carefully picking up pieces of trash. Even though he was so little, he was able to make a difference.

As Bumpy kept picking up trash, he noticed that more and more people began to join in and help. Soon, many of the people in the city were working together to clean up the streets and make the city a better place.

Bumpy was so happy to see that the people of the city were working together to make a difference. He felt like he had done something good, even though he was just a little rabbit.

This is a story about how little things can make a big difference. Even though Bumpy was just a small rabbit, he was able to motivate others around him to make a difference. We should all take a page from Bumpy’s book and take small steps to make a bigger difference. The moral of the story is that together we can do more than any of us can do alone. If we work together, we can all make the world a better place.

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