Once there lived a beautiful bird named Brizz. Brizz was known for its bright colored wings and for its beautiful singing. He lived in a tall tree near the edge of a forest and enjoyed the comfort and solitude of the tall tree.

One day, Brizz was very excited as he heard that a special bird festival was taking place in the forest. He could not contain his excitement and quickly came out of his tall tree and started flying towards the forest. When he reached there, he was mesmerized by the sight of hundreds of different birds gathered together and making a lot of noise.

Brizz mingled with the other birds, took part in the race, performed his beautiful singing and even showed off his bright colored wings. He had a wonderful time and was having such a great day that he completely forgot the time.

After a long time, when the festival was over and the other birds started to fly away, Brizz realized that the sun had already set and so he started to fly back. But the forest was full of darkness and the trees made it very difficult for him to navigate.

He flew around in circles, trying to find his way back to his tall tree. As he was tired and lost, he decided not to fly anymore and just to rest on a tree for the night. He had almost given up.

But then he heard a voice from a nearby tree. He curiously flew towards the tree and saw a wise-looking owl perched on a branch. The owl asked him why he was so sad and lonely.

Brizz told the owl the whole story and how he had been trying to fly back home but was lost in the dark. The wiseowl smiled knowingly and said, “I think I can help you, my friend. Come sit on my shoulder and I will take you home”.

Brizz was very thankful for the owl’s help and followed him through the dark forests until they reached the tall tree where Brizz lived.

Moral: We may think we are alone, but sometimes a helping hand is nearer than we think.

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