Once upon a time, in a faraway city, there lived a young boy nicknamed Brechites. He was a bit of a mischievous one and often found himself in trouble for playing pranks on his friends and teachers.

One day, Brechites decided he would play his biggest prank yet. He had heard that the town’s mayor was going to be visiting the town square that day, so he decided to meet him there. When the mayor arrived, Brechites stood up and shouted, “Long live the mayor!” The mayor, who was not pleased with the interruption, asked Brechites why he was shouting. Brechites, unafraid, replied, “Just wanted to show my respect sir.”

The mayor, seeing that Brechites was only a child, smiled and invited him to a picnic the next day. Brechites, excited at the invitation, happily accepted and spent the rest of the day planning his next prank.

The next day Brechites went to the picnic, but instead of joining in the festivities, he spent his time spying on the mayor. Brechites’ prank was to steal the mayor’s hat and keep it for himself as a trophy of his prank.

After all the guests had left, Brechites made his move and grabbed the mayor’s hat. But just as he was about to run off with it, the mayor came back out of the house and saw what Brechites was doing. Furious, the mayor demanded that Brechites give him back the hat.

But Brechites, determined to keep his trophy, refused. The mayor, having had enough, told Brechites that he would receive a punishment for his actions.

The mayor gave Brechites three tasks. First, he had to write a thousand word essay about why taking something that did not belong to him was wrong. Second, he had to apologize to the mayor for his mischievous behavior. And lastly, he had to clean up the town square.

Brechites reluctantly agreed to the mayor’s tasks, and for the next two days, he worked hard to complete them. Once he had finished, the mayor praised him for his hard work and understanding of the consequences for his actions.

The moral of this story is that we should always think before we act and that taking things that don’t belong to us can have serious consequences. We should always strive to make the right choices and treat others with respect.

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