Once upon a time, in a faraway land, there lived a man called Rahim. Rahim was an honest and hardworking man, and he made a living as a boxwallah, selling all sorts of useful items on the streets. People in the village were always eager to buy the items he had on offer, and Rahim was known for his honesty and fair prices.

One day, Rahim was in the market, selling his wares and looking for new customers. He caught the eye of an old man who had been watching him from afar. The old man was a wise man, and had been observing Rahim to see what kind of person he was.

The old man finally approached Rahim and asked him if he could buy something from him. Rahim happily obliged, and the old man purchased a small box from him. The old man gave Rahim a few coins more than the asking price, and told him to keep the money for himself.

Rahim thanked the old man, but refused the money. He told the old man that if he accepted the extra money, he wouldn’t be able to be an honest businessman. The old man was impressed by Rahim’s integrity, and shared with him a few words of wisdom. He told Rahim that if he continued to stay honest and do the right thing, he would be a successful and respected businessman.

Rahim thanked the old man for his words of wisdom, and continued on with his business. Day after day, he sold his boxes and earned an honest living. People began to recognize him as an honest man, and he built a good reputation in the village. This made Rahim very proud of himself, and he strived to continue being honest and doing the right thing.

The moral of Rahim’s story is that it pays to be honest and do the right thing. Rahim showed us that if we stay true to our values and beliefs, we will be rewarded in the end. No matter what kind of profession we are in, we must always strive to be honest, respectful, and ethical. This will ensure that our reputation is unblemished and that we will always be respected by others.

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