Once upon a time there lived a small female rabbit named Add. She was bookish and had a passion for reading books. Whenever she went to the library, she found herself in the clouds with all the books she could read.

Add had a small group of friends, but she found solace in her beloved books. Most of her time was spent in the library, or in the comfort of her own home, curled up in her cozy chair with a good book or a fresh magazine.

One day, Add was reading an old book that she had found in the library. As she read, she was charmed by its characters and the stories of their lives. The book was full of magic and adventure, and Add felt like she was right in the middle of it all.

Suddenly, Add heard a loud noise emanating from outside. She opened the window to investigate, and saw a large group of animals running frantically. The animals were fleeing from a large hawk that was chasing them. The hawk was screaming like a banshee.

Add was terrified. She quickly shut the window and locked the door, trying to stay safe. However, the hawk still seemed to be looking for something.

Add was so scared that she quickly grabbed her books and hid under her bed. She heard the hawk’s screeching outside her window, and she hoped that if she remained motionless, he would go away.

After what seemed like hours, the hawk eventually left. Add was able to finally come out from under her bed, but the incident left her feeling scared and vulnerable.

Although Add was shaken by this experience, she did not allow it to keep her from doing what she loved. She kept searching for new books to read and kept visiting the library for her beloved books.

She never stopped believing that if she kept reading, she would be able to learn more and protect herself from any danger she ever encountered.

Moral: Learning and books can empower us in times of danger. They can help us stay safe and protect ourselves from harm.

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